PC Malware Removal

Is your computer running slowly or behaving differently? Malware comes in different classes and each are designed to do different things. While many are simple adware that display ads and pop-ups to try and “entice” you into buying, the more nefarious computer malware such as ransomware can wreak havoc on your computer and cause a lot of damage monetarily. If you suspect a malware on your device, stop right away to prevent further damage and contact a CyndrTec Representative to remove it. We’ll help you develop a layer security approach that will help reduce the risk of reinfection down the road. If you are looking for more robust malware protection, our endpoint protection software can help give peace of mind in knowing that you have enterprice level security a Malware Removal specialist available anytime.

Do PC's get more viruses than Apple products?

In a word, yes! Windows computers far outnumber the amount of other operating systems such as Mac or Linux. Many people who create malware are looking to infect as many people as possible. That means that the malware creators look to get more bang for their buck. Malware may only be created for one type of format specific to the operating system. Windows, Apple, Linux, Android, and others will have to have the virus created separately to be able to run on the specified platform. Since most computers are Windows based, most viruses available attack Windows systems. Malware can range is severity from a minor nuisances to bank account draining nightmares but CyndrTec will help ensure that you are covered going forward by removing unwanted malicious programs and putting software to help prevent future attacks.

Have Malware? Remove it quickly before it gets worse.

Never let malware stay on your computer for longer than absolutely necessary. Often times malware will continue to download more files to your system behind the scenes (a Trojan) causing your computer to work harder. Hard drives can get worn out quicker the more it writes to itself. Computers can overheat when the processor constantly runs to supply power to the malware. Internet bandwidth can slow to a crawl when the malware tries to connect online or spread itself on your network. It will only get worse and at its worst could corrupt your files and prevent your PC from starting up. If you suffered data loss from malware, CyndrTec can help recover those files with our Data Recovery Solutions. We rarely ever have to reinstall your Windows operating system since we are usually able to directly remove malware. Your files will be safe and you’ll be able to work on your computer as you did before.

Malware Removal Process - How does it work?

Stop by our Charleston, SC location at 1311 Warrick Lane in beautiful Mount Pleasant to have a CyndrTec professional perform your virus removal.Do you prefer having a CyndrTec professional perform a removal on-site? Call us at (843) 608-6560 to schedule an appointment.

Most malware removals can be completed the same day. Only infected programs and files will be removed. Please allow time for our complimentary diagnostics to complete before we begin malware removals

CyndrTec offers endpoint protection to prevent or repair virus damage remotely.

All for a low fee of $99

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