Remote Computer Support

CyndrTec is now offering professional remote computer repair services and general remote computer support for your home or office in the Charleston, SC area. Remote support for your computer is useful for minor problems that can be fixed in a small amount of time, and do not require on-site computer repair. It is more affordable and convenient when the fix can be done remotely through our secure computer remote support software. Our remote desktop support is unobtrusive and requires minimal involvement on your end, and allows us to instantly access your computer to diagnose any problems.

With CyndrTec, Inc. Remote computer support, you will benefit from the following:
  • More affordable hourly rates than on-site computer support services
  • Reducing computer downtime by having a technician start work almost immediately
  • CyndrTec will perform a computer clean up with every service
  • Our software is not obtrusive and is only used when you need it
  • Contact CyndrTec for support if needed after hours

While we are remotely working on your machine, your computer monitor will mirror the work we’re doing, so you can always see what files we’re accessing or removing. If you prefer to have us guide you through certain computer related tasks remotely, we can reverse the process and our technicians can watch as we walk you through the necessary steps to get your computer up-and-running again..


CyndrTec also performs onsite computer repair services, however, remote computer services are usually quicker and more affordable. We typically can start a remote computer repair session within a few minutes of calling. Most of our services are available through remote support, and if our technicians find something that needs to be fixed in-person, a CyndrTec professional will come to your location for the computer repair with our onsite services.

Remote computer support is often the most cost-effective option for your professional Charleston computer service and support. CyndrTec can fix most problems remotely so that your machine will never leave your office or home, and you can even schedule your repair during a time you will be away from the machine.

Contact CyndrTec to learn more about our remote computer support and to schedule a consultation.