About Our Company

Full IT Service Provider

What makes CyndrTec unique isn’t the fact that we can manage your business’s IT infrastructure it’s that you receive our personality and customer service. You get quality network administrators, server administrators, and customer service representatives who know exactly what to do to get IT accomplished. Our administrators are not only IT certified but also have a background in customer service positions to offer you the best quality and service in the Lowcountry.

Your IT Foundation

We lay the groundwork for your companies continued success and uptime. In todays day and age with technology in a never-ending stream of change and innovation so it’s important to have a company who stays up to date on the latest trends and technology to offer you solutions that can keep up with your growing business.

IT Consulting

When you choose CyndrTec to manage your IT needs you do not just get a company that is qualified to get the job done, you also get a company that is willing to find you competitive rates for your existing software and infrastructure. Our consulting does not end with “this is what we recommend you buy” we also recommend budgeting correctly for your IT.

Two Convenient Locations

We have two convenient locations in the Charleston area for drop offs. See our Contact Page for more information about our locations!

Our staff

Stewart started off as a computer technician and moved up the ranks to managing and deploying networks and IT Technical Solutions for local businesses throughout Charleston. Stewart holds various certifications pertaining to Computer and Network industries. Stewart possesses a go-getter attitude and a thirst for more knowledge in the IT field.

Angela began as a Projects Manager in the industry and went on to co-found CyndrTec with Stewart. She now manages servers and offers IT consulting throughout the Lowcountry. She is currently working on various certifications in the industry and has a focus on Servers and Network Infrastructure.

Jeff came to CyndrTec in September of 2015 and has been an amazing addition to our team. Jeff currently holds an Associates of Applied Science degree with a focus in network administration along with a CompTIA A+ certification, and is currently working on his Network+ certification along with other various industry certifications.

400+ Happy Clients

1,000+ Repairs Completed

500+ Computers Brought to Life

1000+ Questions Answered

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